The Stress of Owing the IRS

Death and taxes are the only two guaranteed things you’re entitled to in life. If you’re lucky, you qualify for an income tax refund in 2018. If not, then likely you have a substantial amount owing. It can be an extremely stressful situation knowing that you owe taxes. It’s best to learn about the effects […]

Don’t Fight the IRS Without Representation

Have you received a big tax bill because some of your deductions have been disallowed, or because your employer failed to withhold the proper amount? Chances are that you spent all your cash already, because you hadn’t realized that you would owe so much tax. Perhaps your tax bill has been building over the past […]

How to Manage Your Personal Income Taxes

None of like to pay taxes but it’s our contribution to keeping the country running and to provide for public services and state infrastructure. Every year we know it’s time to file for income taxes, even though we believe that the amount is unfair. But just what do you do when you find you don’t […]