Third-Party Collection Companies Taking On IRS Debt

Since 2015 the IRS has been able to contract a private debt collection agency to help you resolve your tax debt with them. Scammers have cottoned on to this and you must be very careful as to who you give your details to. Here we will show you exactly who might contact you and what […]

How To Choose A Tax Relief Company

There are a lot of companies and people out there who promise to reduce your tax debt to pennies in the dollar and who will end up taking your money having not met their promises. How then do you choose a tax relief company that will do as they say they will? This article will […]

How To Resolve Back Tax Debt Issues

With the IRS and state tax authorities you can run but you can’t hide. In this article, we at Defense Tax will show you how to tackle your back tax debt issues without getting in trouble. The IRS won’t forget you if you simply fail to declare your taxes. Though hundreds of thousands of people […]

Why The Tax Advocate Service Is Not Good

The Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) is an organization set up by Congress to help organizations and individuals dealing with issues with the IRS. It is not always the best option if you have problems with the IRS as we will discuss here.  What is the TAS? The TAS is an independent body run by the […]

Why The Fast Track Settlement With The IRS Is Not Good

During the later stages of a tax audit by the IRS, you have the opportunity to do a ‘Fast Track’ appeal to resolve your dispute within 60 days and to avoid the lengthy full appeals process. This might not always be advantageous and still requires representation for you to achieve any results of benefit to […]