Dedicated to Finding the Tax Debt Solutions that Work for You

The most critical factor in receiving justice in the U.S. tax system is the ability to retain experienced and knowledgeable private counsel. Defense will provide you with the representation you need to obtain justice and enjoy life free of tax debt. We offer financing for tax debt attorney retainers in matters including, but not limited to:

  1. Settling Your Tax Debt for a Fraction Owed
  2. Removing Interest Charges and Penalties
  3. Removing Tax Liens
  4. Preventing or Stopping Wage Garnishments
  5. Preventing or Stopping Bank levies
  6. Preventing or Stopping Property Seizures
  7. Settling Payroll and Sales Tax Debts

Easy Financing for Tax Relief

Are you worried about qualifying for Defense Tax Partners Financing? Don’t be, we offer financing to all of our clients for our service fees: You can now afford expert representation and start focusing on what is important—making your life tax-debt-free.

With our easy payment plan, you will have the resources to obtain the legal defense you deserve. Don’t let yourself be unjustly treated just because you don’t want to tie up your cash to hire a top flight attorney.

Applying is simple—just complete a contact form and one of our tax experts will contact you. With the help of Defense Tax Partners, you’ll experience a life free from worry about tax debt.


If you need to eliminate or consolidate your credit card debt than consult an experienced credit card specialist near you other than hiring a tax attorney for the purpose.


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