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Defense Tax Partners is a tax advocacy service dedicated to protecting businesses and individuals from the financial devastation caused by IRS tax debt. An IRS tax issue doesn’t only affect your financial future, but also can jeopardize all areas of your life. If you are to hire our tax professional to assist you in filing an offer, ensure to check her/his qualifications. IRS Offer in Compromise’s the most wanted solution for those with tax problems.

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Our dedicated federal tax lawyers and IRS tax attorney can help in finding the ideal solution for your state and federal tax situation & negotiate with the IRS & state for IRS tax relief on your behalf. Defense Tax Partners offers assistance with tax debt relief that can assist you in settling tax debt for a fraction of the owed amount. With the help of our tax relief lawyer, you can eliminate penalties and interest charges, and even have federal tax liens removed. Our tax relief professionals could stop or prevent wage garnishments, and give effective tax debt solutions to bank levies, property seizures and other tax issues. The IRS’s one of the strongest entities in the nation and it has a whole group of attorneys on its side. Effective representation with a tax attorney that has experience in state tax debt and IRS is required in order for you to protect your assets and defend your rights. With over 50 years of combined experience, Defensetax has both the broad tax law knowledge and the specific expertise in the form of IRS tax attorney required to handle your case. We have also added a new section of IRS tax forms used for taxpayers and tax-exempt organizations. It is inclusive of detailed info on the most popular IRS Forms like W-2 Form, Form 2848, Form 1040 & lots more.


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    What our clients say?

    "With the help of Defense Tax Partners, I was able to overcome my $35,000 debt to the IRS and settle for just $300. Without the tax debt relief expertise of Defense Tax’s is tax attorney, I would still be weighed down with tax debt and still having sleepless nights."

    Peter Khory

    “I was so deep into tax debt, I didn’t think it was possible to find a way out. The IRS had a wage levy on my paychecks and I was slipping deeper and deeper into debt. With the help of the irs tax attorney at Defense Tax Partners, the government released the wage levy with full pay hold.”

    Colleen Gurdow

    “I owed the IRS $19,244.17. They were demanding payments of $1,300 per month due to my collection status expiration date rapidly approaching. I realized there was no way I could afford these huge payments and partnered with Defense Tax Partners to find a tax debt solution to my irs tax problem . They worked hard to put me on a payment plan that I could afford, $250 per month with $11,830 of the total amount of debt expiring in the next three years. I no longer have the stress of huge monthly payments hanging over my head and am free to enjoy the money that I earn.”

    Michael Liebowitz
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