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There are two types of Tax Relief Attorneys fields:  attorneys that specialize in working directly with the IRS or states to assist tax payers in resolving tax issues or attorneys that work with tax payers avoiding tax issues. A Tax Relief Attorney that specializes in tax debt has many tools at their disposal to minimize the damage and consequences of a tax payer owing money to either the IRS or state. A Tax Relief Attorney that specializes in avoiding tax issues have a variety of tools at their disposal as well to assist their clients in avoiding any type of tax issues before they occur.

Once a tax payer has a tax debt issue they need the assistance of a specialist. Too many times we have heard a person who fell behind in their taxes being strong armed and bullied by the IRS or the state’s aggressive collection tactics ( Also read: Some Important Facts You Should Know About the IRS ) . Hiring a Tax Relief Attorney is the only sure way to know you have the right protection and professional fighting the IRS or states collection process.

Tax Relief

Tax Relief Attorneys can review your case and find the best possible resolution for your tax problems. There are many actions a Tax Relief Attorney can provide for your tax problems: applying for an Offer and Compromise, lien release, levy release, becoming compliant, wage garnishment release, applying for a penalty abatement, setting up an installment agreement and finally applying for the currently not collectable program (CNC). The best strategy for an individual will be decided by a qualified IRS Tax Relief Attorney.

When a tax payer is compliant and does not owe back taxes to the IRS or state they should always consult with a Tax Relief Attorney on how to best avoid any tax pitfalls and how best to save their most on their taxes. A Tax Relief Attorney will be able to advise a tax payer on what write offs are allowable by law, what new laws are in place to avoid audits, audit protection, tax return advice and preparation, long term investments to minimize taxes, as well as retirement programs to eliminate taxes and estate planning.

Making sure your Tax Relief Company has a Tax Relief Attorney in house is crucial to a tax payers results. Currently over 70% of the firms we have come across do not have a Tax Relief Attorney working for them. They will hire an enrolled agent or a tax preparer to battle the IRS or state for delinquent tax payers leaving them under protected and financially in harm’s way. Don’t be fooled by companies claiming to save you pennies on the dollar, but will not allow you to speak with a Tax Attorney. If a Tax Relief company is out there and they do not have a IRS Tax Relief Attorney performing the tasks at hand for a tax payer, then unfortunately for the unlucky tax payer, that company is unregulated and have no barriers or sufficient expertise to be handling cases.

There are over seventy thousand (70,000) pages of tax code in the United States. No person who does not spend a career or practice Tax Relief should ever expect to know or even understand the complexities of the tax code. Hiring a IRS tax attorney is the smart choice whether you are delinquent with your current taxes or looking to avoid the consequences of tax debt.

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