Where To Fax Form 2848

Form 2848, also known as the Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative, is a document that allows a taxpayer to authorize another person to act on their behalf before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This can be especially useful when dealing with complex tax issues or disputes with the IRS. Once the form is completed and signed, it must be submitted to the IRS. One common way to submit the form is by fax. In this post, we will discuss where to fax Form 2848.

Fax Number

The IRS provides a dedicated fax number for taxpayers to submit Form 2848. The fax number is 855-214-7520. This number is toll-free, which means you will not be charged for the fax transmission.

Regional Fax Numbers

In addition to the dedicated fax number, the IRS provides regional fax numbers for taxpayers to submit Form 2848. These numbers may be useful if you need to send the form to a specific office or if you experience issues with the dedicated fax number. The regional fax numbers are:

  • Andover, MA: 855-253-3175
  • Atlanta, GA: 855-284-3258
  • Austin, TX: 855-821-0094
  • Cincinnati, OH: 855-203-7538
  • Fresno, CA: 855-235-4082
  • Kansas City, MO: 855-821-0095
  • Ogden, UT: 855-821-0092


When faxing Form 2848, it is important to ensure that you do so within the timeframe required by the IRS. The form must be submitted within 60 days of the date it is signed by the taxpayer, or it will be considered invalid. Additionally, if you fax the form close to the deadline, make sure to keep a copy of the fax transmission confirmation in case the IRS disputes receiving the form on time.


It’s crucial to take precautions to safeguard the privacy of the transmitted information when faxing Form 2848. This is especially important if the form contains sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers or financial information. Make sure to use a secure fax machine and only fax the form to the correct fax number.

Completing Form 2848

Before faxing Form 2848, it is important to make sure that the form is completed accurately and completely. Any errors or omissions could delay the processing of the form or result in the form being rejected. Double-check that all fields are filled out correctly, including the name and address of the taxpayer, the name and address of the representative, and the specific tax matters being authorized.


When faxing Form 2848, it is a good idea to keep a copy of the completed form for your records. This can be useful if there are any issues or disputes with the IRS later on. Additionally, if you are submitting the form on behalf of someone else, make sure to obtain their signature and keep a copy of their identification to prove that they authorized you to act on their behalf.

Multiple Representatives

In some cases, a taxpayer may need to authorize multiple representatives to act on their behalf for different tax matters. In this situation, each representative will need to complete a separate Form 2848 for their specific area of representation. When faxing these forms, make sure to clearly indicate which representative is authorized for which tax matter.

Assistance with Form 2848

If you need assistance completing or faxing Form 2848, the IRS provides resources to help. You can visit the IRS website to access instructions for the form and frequently asked questions. Additionally, you can contact the IRS directly for assistance by phone, mail, or in person at a local IRS office.

Other Ways to Submit Form 2848

While faxing is a common way to submit Form 2848, it is not the only option. The form can also be mailed to the IRS, submitted in person at an IRS office, or submitted electronically through the IRS e-Services platform. When choosing how to submit the form, consider factors such as speed, convenience, and security.


After submitting Form 2848 by fax, it is important to follow up with the IRS to ensure that the form was received and processed correctly. The IRS typically sends a confirmation letter to the taxpayer or representative within 30 days of receiving the form. If you do not receive a confirmation letter within this timeframe, you should contact the IRS to follow up on the status of the form.

Submitting Form 2848 by fax can be a convenient and efficient way to authorize another person to act on your behalf before the IRS. The IRS provides a dedicated fax number as well as regional fax numbers for taxpayers to use. When faxing the form, make sure to do so within the required timeframe, take measures to protect confidentiality, and follow up with the IRS to ensure that the form was received and processed correctly.

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