Tax debt solutions are needed to help you get out of tricky tax-related situations, including times when your taxes are being audited.

When you filed your tax return, you may have believed you had followed all the rules, but you still ended up receiving a surprising notice from the IRS informing you that your return is being audited.

Your tax return is even more likely to be looked at closely if you’re a small business owner or self-employed person. These forms are examined by the IRS, which checks for spending and claimed deductions that seem questionable. The agency may intimidate or take advantage of you because it is aware that the majority of individuals are ignorant of the tax rules. You risk overpaying the government if you don’t have competent IRS audit representation.

Understanding Tax Audit Representation Services

The IRS usually requests documents and other proof to substantiate the information you claimed on your tax returns at the beginning of an audit. The IRS and State will concentrate on information that allows them to deny your expenses, even if you had initially thought that the information you were providing or was missing is harmless. When an expense is disallowed, it becomes income that you must pay taxes on dating back to the year the tax return was due, plus penalties and interest.

This is why tax audit representation can be necessary to keep you well protected. Your information will be organized and annotated with explanations by a tax expert with experience in IRS audits, and they will also fight for your rights.

The IRS will typically present their findings and suggested outcomes following the audit, and they’ll most likely conclude that you owe money. When that happens, your tax audit representation will be able to assist you in contesting the conclusions and in submitting a formal tax court appeal on your behalf.

Who Needs Tax Audit Representation Services?

If your tax returns are being audited by the IRS due to landing in common tax audit situations, you may require tax audit representation services. Audits can be intimidating, and you don’t want to be taken advantage of because you don’t know the tax code.

The Benefits of Hiring Tax Audit Representation Service Providers

Tax audit representation service providers can offer you a peace of mind when it comes to handling scary or unfamiliar tax audit situations. We will investigate your case thoroughly, and with our legal expertise and years of experience, you can benefit by ensuring that your case is resolved in a professional, legal, and timely manner.

Why Should You Work with Defense Tax Partners’ Tax Audit Representation Specialists?

Our team consists of qualified attorneys, CPAs, and registered agents with the legal ability to represent you before the IRS and your state tax authority.

With our comprehensive tax audit counsel, you can approach the audit process with more assurance, knowing that we will fight for the best possible result for you while defending your rights.

If you have any questions about tax audit representation, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with us today.

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