Need IRS Tax Levy Help? IRS Bank Levies or Wage Garnishment

When taxes are owed and the IRS has failed to collect the amount owed, their next step is to begin seizing the tax payer’s assets. This could be an IRS bank levy, in which bank accounts are seized or taking personal property. Another way in which the IRS will collect what is owed is through wage garnishment, this occurs when the IRS attaches the wages of the tax payer to satisfy the outstanding tax debt, this causes hardship, stress and can be financially devastating. Families are left with an inability to pay their bills and sometimes are at risk of foreclosure.

Tax Levy

At Defense Tax Partners, we have assisted thousands of clients with IRS tax levy and wage garnishment issues. When the IRS attaches wages, they are known for taking nearly the entire paycheck. Our tax levy service offers the advantage of representation from a professional IRS tax relief attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in handling negotiations involving a federal tax levy.

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Need Help With an IRS Tax Levy?

We will immediately contact the IRS to attempt to release the wage garnishment. In the case of a bank levy, we are often able to have it released within 48 hours, so you can pay your bills and take care of your family. At the same time, we will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to structure  solutions to resolve your tax debt problem, while protecting your assets and financial security.

Our goal is to help you stop the IRS bank levy or wage garnishment and find a permanent resolution for your tax debt by our tax debt attorney. We are often able to reduce your tax liability and restore your finances, whether through offer in compromise, installment agreement or another remedy, depending on your situation.

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