Solving All Types of Tax Debt Issues

Recent clients saved over 90% of their tax bill. With total tax bills topping $1.13 million, Defense Tax clients recently saved 93% as our team negotiated bills down to $106,000!

Click on a success story below to learn more about Defense Tax Partners’s recently closed deals that saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars and helped them eliminate tax debt.

Saved over 30k in back taxes.. $3K OIC on $35K+ owed

I highly recommend this company, they will work with you and handle all your IRS Problems from start to finish. Good people and excellent results.

Stress Relief! $11,500 OIC on $37K owed, saved over $25K!

Owing taxes has a very heavy weight attached to it but thanks to Jonathan, Amber and the other fine people at Defense Tax Partners, I saved over $25K in back taxes! That is a tremendous amount in my world, thanks to you all! 

Defense Stopped the Governments Garnishment on My Account

I was trying to deal with an irs wage garnishment on my account without any help. The government was taking over $4,000 of my money per month, crippling my ability to support myself. I could no longer deal with my debt on my own, so I made the decision to get help. I faxed my IRS account transcripts to Defensetax and they found the solution that worked best for my situation, getting me out of debt quickly and efficiently. My account resulted in credits which were transferred to my daughter for a total of $15,998, resolving the outstanding balance that I owed to the state. Thanks to the irs tax attorney and tax lawers at Defensetax I am back in control of my bank account and my life.

Relief Through a Reasonable Payment Plan

I owed the IRS $19,244.17. They were demanding payments of $1,300 per month due to my collection status expiration date rapidly approaching. I realized there was no way I could afford these huge payments and partnered with Defense Tax Partners to find a tax debt solution to my irs tax problem . They worked hard to put me on a payment plan that I could afford, $250 per month with $11,830 of the total amount of debt expiring in the next three years. I no longer have the stress of huge monthly payments hanging over my head and am free to enjoy the money that I earn.

$300 OIC on $35K

With the help of Defense Tax Partners, I was able to overcome my $35,000 debt to the IRS and settle for just $300. Without the tax debt relief expertise of Defense Tax’s is tax attorney, I would still be weighed down with tax debt and still having sleepless nights.

$3K OIC on over $250K owed!!!!!!!!!!!

Defense Tax has gone far above and beyond any resolution I could have imagined, I almost didn’t believe them when they called to explain the offer to me, I mean 3000 dollars on over 250 thousand is pretty unbelievable right!!!

Relief from an IRS Wage Levy with Full Pay Hold

I was so deep into tax debt, I didn’t think it was possible to find a way out. The IRS had a wage levy on my paychecks and I was slipping deeper and deeper into debt. With the help of the irs tax attorney at Defense Tax Partners, the government released the wage levy with full pay hold.

Government Stopped all Forms of Collection on My Account

After years of failing to estimate my taxes during self employment, my tax debt was growing and I felt like there was nothing I could do to regain control. Defense Tax Partners worked with the IRS on my behalf and I was given Currently Not Collectable status. The government stopped all forms of collection on my account, and I am now working towards being debt free without the worry of the IRS knocking on my door. I am continuing to work with my Defense representative in order to submit an Offer in Compromise that works for my budget.

Regained Control with an Affordable Payment Plan

I was previously paying the government $409 a month. These payments were making it difficult to pay my bills and put food on the table, causing me to eventually default on my payment to the IRS. With the help of Defense Tax Partners I was able to reduce my monthly payments to $200 – allowing me to regain control of my life, pay all my bills on time and face my income tax debt head on.

Defense Stopped all Levies and Garnishments on my Account

I was over my head with my monthly rent, bills and credit card payments. I couldn’t even begin to recover from the tax debt I had acquired over the years. Defense Tax Partners assessed my situation and submitted sufficient evidence to the IRS that I would not be able to pay off my tax debt. The government declared me Currently Not Collectable and ceased all collection activities, including levies and garnishments. I am now free to focus on supporting myself without tax debt looming overhead.

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