The US tax code is one of the most complexes in the world. This means that two professions have sprung up around it – accountants and attorneys who specialize only in US tax code. There are a lot of companies that say a lot but produce little when it comes to sorting out your back taxes. Defense Tax is among the best in the business.

What can Defense Tax do for you?

We have a lot of externally verified experience in tackling people’s back taxes with the IRS and state tax authorities. Our services include:

  1. Settling Your Tax Debt for a Fraction Owed
  2. Removing Interest Charges and Penalties
  3. Removing Tax Liens
  4. Stopping or Preventing Wage Garnishments
  5. Stopping or Preventing Bank levies
  6. Stopping or Preventing Property Seizures
  7. Settling Payroll & Sales Tax Debts

With 50 years of experience in tax debt from both the IRS and federal tax boards, you can be confident that when we agree to take on your case you will bring your problems to a satisfactory conclusion.

Trustpilot reviews

Businesses these days have nowhere to hide on the internet! If they have a bad reputation, they will soon be reported to major review sites like Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau.

Over the last six years, we have been trading as a company we have had lots of praise on Trustpilot from our customers. Teresa recently said, “I had a tax issue with the IRS that needed to be resolved and they had some good reviews online, and so that’s who I went with. The enrollment process was a simple phone call, and I talked to a gentleman named Mark, and had a good conversation with him, and then got led to my actual case attorney where I worked directly with to resolve the problem.”

In fact, 98% of our Trustpilot reviews rate us ‘Great’ or ‘Excellent’ with by far the majority of our reviews in the Excellent category. Here at Defense Tax, we can say all we like about how good a company we are but it’s your fellow customers who will say it better!

There are businesses that take your money and run…

Google isn’t the Oracle of all truth. It is possible to convince the search engine that you are better than another company with some tricks well known in the online world. With the heavy investment, it is possible to rank on Page 1 of almost any search engine page. This even applies to companies that deal with back taxes with the IRS and state tax authorities.

After reassurance from online reviews, you need to check that the company has properly accredited tax attorneys with the experience that you need. The more experience the better. Why? There are more than 70,000 pages in the current US tax code if all relevant historical issues are taken into account. No newbie fresh out of college is going to have any idea where to look to reduce your tax debt to the tax authorities until they have got that vital experience and know the tax code, both federal and state, themselves.

Financing your relationship with us

All of our customers at Defense Tax are offered a finance package that you pay off as you would any loan for property or services. Many of the shadier companies out there – even ones that advertise on TV – ask for lump sums upfront.

Defense Tax will never ask for money upfront and always offers a similar finance package to all of our customers. Your first consultation with us is free-of-charge and is there to allow you to ask us the right questions about who we are and what we can do for you, as well as allowing us to decide whether you can best benefit from the services we offer.

As a first step, fill out our free tax debt consultation form to see if you qualify for help from us!

Contact us today

So, why wait? With over 50 years of experience in offering people tax debt help and lots of excellent reviews from our customers, Defense Tax is among the best companies to help you resolve your federal and state tax debt issues. So why wait? Contact us now to see about getting your finances steady again and the authorities off your back!

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