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For far too long U.S. consumers have been left painfully underserved by the tax industry. Lack of any meaningful regulation has seen a vast rise in companies operating with little care or attention for their clients and in many situations with complete dishonesty.

Here at Defense Tax Partners, we knew that we could do better! Our starting position was to build a company that focused completely on clients’ needs and secures for them the very best resolutions – we are driven by a commitment to provide real value to our clients at every stage of our relationship with them.

A fresh & honest approach

Tax Support

We saw far too many companies taking advantage of clients when they were already in a desperate situation – tax and IRS issues are stressful enough without your supposed advocate not giving you the representation and guidance that you deserve. For many of these companies, the advice and advocacy they were offering were substandard while carrying hefty fees.

Defense Tax Partners was founded to provide a tax resolution service that offers real support and solutions to people burdened with tax issues. Unlike many in the industry, our focus is solely on you and guiding you through what is an incredibly stressful time with complete transparency and full support. We always take the time to understand our clients’ specific circumstances and needs and never forget that each case involves a real person – cases are not just a number to us, we care about every client and are driven to ensure that they always receive the very best resolutions.

An unrivaled service

An unrivaled service

It’s not just our approach to our clients that makes us different; we have built a full-service tax resolution service that provides a far more complete service with a level of support that is unmatched in the majority of the industry. Unlike most tax service companies, we have our own in-house attorneys and our own CPA. Having our own experts in-house brings incredible value to our clients. We don’t have to rely on outside companies or help to resolve your tax issues; our team is completely on top of your case from start to finish

It’s this level of service that makes the difference in results – in the past 5 years we have saved surpassed 5,000 customers and saved them over $200 million.

This is how we measure our success; on the life-changing differences, we make for our clients by resolving their tax issues and saving them money. Every aspect of our service has been tailored to give our clients powerful advocacy and personal support in testing circumstances.

Tipping the balance in your favor

The IRS is a colossus, a juggernaut that without anyone fighting your corner will steamroll you into submission. That’s why it is essential to have Defense Tax Partners going to bat for you. Our tax attorneys carry with them years of experience in dealing with both the IRS and state taxes. We know how the IRS operates and exactly what needs to be done to fight your case and get you released from the situation.

We start every case with a full evaluation to ascertain the very best solution for you. Over the past 5 years, we have successfully helped thousands of customers –

    • Settle IRS tax debt for just a fraction owed
    • Remove interest charges and penalties
    • Prevent and stop crippling wage garnishments
    • Remove IRS Tax Liens
    • Prevent and stop property seizures
    • Prevent and stop bank levies
    • Resolve payroll and sales tax debts
    • Reach an effective IRS offer in compromise

Without proper representation and the benefit of experienced strategy, you’re almost certain to come off worse in any dealings with the IRS. Many of the solutions available to protect your assets are very difficult to obtain without the experience of a tax lawyer working in your best interests – which is exactly what Defense Tax Partners provides – experience, strategy, solutions, and results.

Making a difference

At Defense Tax Partners we strive to find solutions for people whatever their circumstances. Our team is on hand to assess your situation and advise on the best course of action with our free consultation. Our experience has taught us that there is a solution for everyone.

We are incredibly proud of the change that we’ve brought to the industry, enabling thousands of individuals, families, and companies to remove the burden of tax debt from their lives and save them from potential financial ruin.

We hold ourselves to an exceptionally high standard and believe that every client deserves not only the very best advocacy but also to be treated with dignity and kindness at every step of the process.

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