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At Defense Tax Partners we know that facing down the IRS requires a level of diligence and detailed knowledge of IRS procedures in order to secure a successful outcome. Trying to tackle the IRS on your own is an insurmountable challenge almost guaranteed to fail with processes and procedures that are almost impossible to decipher without expert advice. The IRS is not set up to make appealing or securing favorable outcomes easy, in fact, quite the opposite. If left unchecked and unopposed the IRS will happily steamroll you into submission and leave you financially ruined.

With all of the might of the federal government on the opposite side, it’s essential to even up the odds; millions of Americans are unfortunately chronically misinformed and given poor guidance that sees them lumbered with punishing wage garnishments and excessive debts that they do not have to endure. It’s not hyperbole to suggest that securing a strong advocate who will fight for your best interests may be one of the most important decisions you make.

Defense Tax Partners have assembled a formidable team of tax experts, in-house experienced tax lawyers, and our own in-house CPA all to ensure that our clients always secure the very best resolutions when dealing with the IRS. Our client-first approach is the basis for our service and why our clients always feel listened to, respected and fully represented – that’s why over the last 5 years we have successfully represented 5,000 clients, saving them over $200 million.

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One of the biggest issues that Americans face is not being properly advised on their options when faced with tax debt. Millions of Americans are simply pushed into accepting whatever judgment or conditions the IRS imposes – most of which consist of financially devastating resolutions that ruin lives. At Defense Tax Partners we take the time to completely evaluate your situation and understand your circumstances. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all answer when dealing with the IRS and our only concern is securing the very best outcome for you.

By utilizing the vast experience and expertise within our company we secure several ways of solving your tax debt issues and getting you back on your feet again.

Offer in compromisethis settles your tax debt for a fraction of what you owe. Defense Tax Partners have been reducing tax debts for thousands of Americans this way

Remove Interest charges and penalties – one of the aspects of IRS debt that can cripple you is the mounting fines and interest if left unchecked. We can get these removed further reducing your debt and stopping you spiraling further into debt.

Prevent or stop wage garnishments – the IRS can take money straight from your paycheck leaving you financially crippled every month until the debt is cleared. With not enough money to live on debts quickly mount. We can stop the IRS from forcing you into this.

Remove Tax Liens – Tax liens not only destroy your credit rating they also give the IRS the power to seize your property. We will get these removed saving you from further financial strain.

Prevent or stop property seizures – Property seizures are a draconian and terrifying prospect imposed by the IRS. Defense Tax Partners can fight this and restore your property rights.

Prevent or stop bank levies – The IRS can freeze your personal accounts leaving you with no access to money or any ability to live your life. Defense Tax Partners can have these removed and your accounts released within 48hrs.

A brighter future with Defense Tax Partners

Tax Relief

No matter what the IRS throws at you, Defense Tax Partners will never stop advocating and fighting your corner. We can help you at every stage of dealing with the IRS. Our tax attorneys can help you deal with audits or looming levies and liens. We are driven by a determination to give our clients their lives back. We believe that millions of Americans endure unnecessary hardship, stress and damaged lives when facing the IRS and that effective, expert advice and guidance is the key to a brighter future.

We know that our service brings far more to our clients than simply securing the best resolution when dealing with the IRS. We offer an ally at one of the most stressful times in your life. A solid advocate when it feels like the world is against you and expertise in the face of financial ruin. Don’t let tax debt issues mount up against you. Ignoring them won’t make them disappear and will only make matters worse. Get in touch with Defense Tax Partners today and take advantage of our free resolution. Together we will secure a brighter future for you.

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