Have you received a Wage Garnishment notice from the IRS recently?

Wage Garnishment

Well, you need to get in touch with us at Defense Tax Partners ASAP. IRS wage garnishments are no joke. If you owe the IRS any unpaid taxes, they are fully entitled to take an equivalent amount out of your wages.

This doesn’t happen all of a sudden. The IRS first sends many letters before taking a chunk out of your wages. If this does not solve the matter, then they could go ahead and send you to jail.

Now you see why this is so serious? The IRS would much rather have a friendly solution as it does not really want to go through the trouble of harassing citizens. But when you don’t respond in time and make amends despite their warnings, they are forced to take strict action.

Let’s talk about how to stop a wage garnishment from the IRS.

First, you should understand that the IRS could take 25% or more out of your income directly from your employer if you own any back taxes to them. They just want the money due to them, and couldn’t care less as to how you feel about it.

Yes, they are required by law to leave you with enough to cover basic living costs, but nothing more than that. They are fully entitled to keep cutting money from you until the entire debt is paid.

If you receive a wage garnishment notice from the IRS, get in touch with a tax resolution expert immediately. The professional tax attorneys at Defense Tax Partners negotiate with the IRS on your behalf and arrive at an agreement with them. They make sure that the wage garnishment is not put in place.

Remember: Before garnishing your wages, the IRS first demands payment for the tax liability. You should respond to that immediately. If you fail to do that, only then they send a final notice of intent for garnishing your wages and give you a deadline of 30 days to respond.

Understand this: The IRS does not really like wage garnishments, as it is a very expensive process for them to carry out. It requires a lot of paperwork and it’s something they would rather do without.

Take advantage of this and find a way to get a wage garnishment release. Here’s how to do this.

#1: File your taxes on time every year. If you are good with the IRS, the IRS is good with you. No reason to worry about wage garnishment.

#2: If you get a notice from the IRS on your unpaid tax liability, go ahead and make the payment as soon as possible. Do whatever it takes – get a loan from a friend or sell an asset. Just pay off the IRS, this will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

#3: Get in touch with a professional tax attorney at the Defense Tax Partners. We negotiate with the IRS and try to get them to accept less than what is owed. We have an excellent relationship with the IRS and use our knowledge of the procedures to get the best possible deal for you.

You’re welcome to call us for a free consultation at (866) 657-1040 or email your questions at clientcare@defensetax.com.

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