Tax Defense Lawyers

We are a company of tax resolution lawyers that care greatly about the financial welfare of our clients. We are set out differently from most firms in the same industry, as we are made up of attorneys and CPAs all working together to achieve the common goals of ridding you of tax-related problems with the Internal Revenue Service, IRS.

Being that every now and then you may get into back tax problems like refund forfeiture or a penalty, we have the skills and strategies in place to help you even out the odds, get your tax issues attended to and make sure your money (refund) gets to you safely. If there is any company in the United States that devotes itself to the financial freedom from the government with any client, then we are the tax defense lawyers, the only option on the list.

Over $200 Million Saved

Tax Resolution ServicesHaving tax issues can cost you a lot of money. Sometimes, millions of dollars will be lost because a small IRS issue was not solved properly and in due time. We as a company boast of saving over $200 million since we commenced tax resolution services. Our clients have benefited from our unique approach to work and their funds have been saved time and again from the prying hands of Uncle Sam. With over 2000 helped, satisfied and happy clients, we speak well of the caliber of services we offer and always will.

We are Lawyers

We are LawyersAs said earlier, we are a team of lawyers and CPAs, unlike 70% of firms that offer services in similitude to ours, perhaps. With a unique work approach to what we do, we see it essential to assign a lawyer, an attorney, case manager, caseworker and CPA to each and every case we handle. This is to make sure that any job is gotten to the root and completed without any further complications. We are one out of very few companies that do that in the United States, but we are surely the best of them. We beat the popular notion that you do not have to be an attorney to be able to handle a tax case and do so with every jot of commitment and a firm resolve.

We are AAA plus rated with the BBB.

Are you still thinking about it? What tax-related problems are you battling with? No matter how complicated it is, we have all it takes to make it simpler and solve it within the shortest possible time and save you from the throes of the IRS.

Log on to our website at and contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

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