In days of yore, people may have consulted an Oracle for their questions in life. Who shot JR or even JFK? Today that may be easier using your search engine of choice! The reason you will be looking at this blog is the question, who is the best tax company? No matter what your Oracle may say, that has to be Defense Tax!

Why is Defense Tax Partners the best tax company?

Thousands of unhappy people have come to Defense Tax Partners and come away as happy customers. That doesn’t explain why we are the best tax company, it just shows you that that may be the case. To learn why we are the best tax company you need to burrow into what we do:

If you are behind with your tax return or payments you will come to us to help rectify your affairs. That may be because we are the best tax company, or simply because you need an expert in tax affairs to reduce your tax burden.

Thousands of Americans find themselves in trouble with the IRS every year as it takes punitive action against them to force them to pay the tax they are owed (or the IRS says they owe – not always the same thing). If you were arrested and faced hard jail time you would want the best lawyer – with the IRS you need the best tax company to help you out!

Punitive action from the IRS can include:

  • Wage garnishments that come out of your pay packet whether you or your boss like it or not
  • Federal tax lien on existing borrowings, preventing you from borrowing cheaply to pay off the tax man.
  • The repo man coming for your car or even house to sell them on to cover your unpaid taxes
  • Having your driving license taken away from you until you contact the IRS
  • Or even being out of the country and finding your passport invalidated, forcing you to come home to face justice at the hands of the IRS

The five examples above are just some of the powers that the IRS has to make your life a misery until you come to the table to face the IRS and organize a mutually agreed plan to end those actions. In these instances, you will want the best tax company to help you get the best possible resolution for you and your family.

What can Defense Tax Partners do to make unhappy people happy customers?

With our team’s combined centuries of experience in fighting the IRS, we know tax law and regulations as if we had written them ourselves!

The first thing we offer is a free consultation to discuss your tax debt and show you the way forward. Often as a next step, we will help you resolve your historical problems with the IRS as they won’t come to the table until you have done so. This will include filing unfiled tax returns.

Best Tax Company

We then go to the table with the IRS. In many cases, this will mean we agree a repayment plan of a minimum of 36 months (if $10,000 or less), or up to 72 months in cases where you owe more.

Defense Tax can also agree to a Partial Payment Installment Agreement with the IRS where we can prove that there is no way you can afford to repay your full tax debt without considerable hardship. In hiring the best tax company you would expect to see an approach like this in a lot of cases, and we have saved our customers many hundreds of thousands of dollars in coming to such an agreement.

Offer in Compromise?

This is the Holy Grail of agreements with the IRS and we have to raise our hands and say that they aren’t as common as you may hear from certain tax companies! In hiring the best tax company you can imagine that if we can get you to qualify then that would be the best possible outcome for you and us! Offers in compromise can take many months to resolve and your finances will be picked apart as the IRS try to get every penny out of you they can. Our job is to prevent that!

In most of the examples above, as soon as the agreement with the IRS is finalized the punitive action against you will stop.

With these routes to resolving your tax affairs (and more besides) you can be assured that you will come away from working with us knowing that we are the best tax company to help you out. Call us today at 866-657-1040 for your free consultation to get the ball rolling!

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