Conceptual hand writing showing Wage Garnishment

The Difference Between A Garnishment And Tax Levy

When dealing with debt, it is crucial to understand the difference between a garnishment and a tax levy. Both are potent tools creditors use to collect a debt, but how they operate is quite different. This blog will discuss the differences between garnishment and tax levy and explain how they work. What Is a Garnishment? […]

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Who Should You Call About An IRS Tax Levy?

Receiving an IRS tax levy notice can be an intimidating experience. You may have questions about what to do next and whom to call regarding your levy. This quick guide explains an IRS tax levy, what it means to receive a notice, and whom to call about a tax levy. We’ll also discuss whom to […]

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Can The IRS Issue A Tax Levy Without Notice?

When it comes to taxes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) takes them seriously. The IRS can enforce collection methods to ensure taxes are paid, such as levying a taxpayer’s property or wages. One such method is the IRS tax levy, the legal seizure of taxpayers’ assets to satisfy a tax debt. The question is, can […]

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Why Is There A Tax Levy On Your Paycheck?

Tax levies are a crucial part of the tax system and are used to collect taxes owed to the government. These levies can be imposed on income, property, and other financial assets. A tax levy on your paycheck is a deduction taken from your pay to pay for taxes. It can significantly impact your finances. […]

How to stop an IRS tax levy

When you get a notification of a tax levy on your property, do not panic. The IRS is able to have a levy released if it determines that: Therefore, there are several effective ways in which you can respond to a levy to stop it completely, or to limit its impact.  1. Request a levy […]

Best ways to urgently solve IRS or State tax levy

A tax levy against your property gives the IRS or the state tax office the right to seize your property in order to collect back-taxes. You may receive a wage garnishment, a 1099 levy on your receipts if you are self-employed, a bank account levy, property (home, boat, car, etc.) seizure, and passport seizure to […]

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