Many of the commercials you see on TV about getting out of debt with the IRS and state tax authorities are misleading. You call them up believing that since they have a big advertising budget they know their business.

The fact is most of the companies you see on TV don’t ever put your case before a certified tax professional. That means you will only be helped out by someone who may have had some experience by virtue of their tenure in the business they work for but will have had little or no training. If your case is even remotely complex and the IRS started asking awkward questions the likelihood is that they would fold and you would be in even more trouble having spent several hundred dollars to get bad advice if any at all.

CPAs and tax attorneys

In your initial call to us, you will speak to people at Defense Tax whose role it is to get your case to the right person with us.

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and tax attorneys have different roles in your journey out of tax debt. Both will have had extensive schooling in their line of business and both know their side of tax debt processes intimately.

CPAs will have done specialist accounting training and will have sat the Uniform CPA examination. In addition, they have to have certain certifications and experience in dealing with the IRS before being employed at Defense Tax. The CPA’s business is the numbers and accounting practices.

Similar to their CPA colleagues, tax attorneys have to achieve a high level of training. They go to law school and then specialize in tax affairs. The tax attorney’s job is tax law.

Both professionals will see the rapid and regular change in the way that tax is taken from the taxpayers. Tax codes and regulations seem to change with the wind – certainly every time the Federal Budget is approved in Congress. This often means new ways of taking money from you the taxpayer but often enough too, new ways for us to get it back from them.

Choose wisely!

We eat, sleep and breathe tax. Tax codes and regulations can be so complicated that you really should get an expert in to resolve your tax debt with the IRS as you could end up saving considerably more money than in merely doing it yourself. You could call a company with a big TV budget yet is full of hot air, or you could pay an expert to do it properly. If you want that done, call us on (866) 657-1040 today!

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