Elevated View Of IRS Scam Warning Sign On Keyboard

The Signs Of Tax Debt Compromise Program Scam

Tax debt can be difficult, so it is understandable why people would be tempted to take advantage of a tax debt compromise program that promises to lighten the load. Unfortunately, some of these programs are scams designed to exploit unsuspecting victims. To protect yourself from being scammed, knowing the signs of a tax debt compromise […]

IRS owed 441 billion

New research across the United States estimates that the IRS is owed a whopping $441 billion in unpaid taxes. The majority of those (65%) are in households of $75,000 or less. Could you be one of those? If so, read on to see what you could do about it! Facts and figures A third of […]

13 million Americans in tax debt

Over 13 million Americans are in Tax Debt: Could You Need Help? In a recent data release, the IRS showed that over 13.1 million people in the United States have some form of tax debt. Some 7.93 million accrued that debt in tax year 2018-19. Could you be among them? If so, you may need […]

The Life Avoiding IRS Collections

Short of emigrating to a Third World country and revoking your US citizenship there, never to return to your homeland again, there is nowhere to hide from the IRS. From seizing your property to having you thrown in jail, the IRS is arguably the most powerful government agency with regards to citizens on home soil. […]

What The IRS Can Do To Collect Unpaid Taxes

The IRS can be one of the toughest government agencies of all. Though FBI agents carry guns to defend themselves they can’t for example force your bank to pay money into the US Treasury’s account without a court order, unlike the IRS! Let’s now look at the powers the IRS has to get you to […]

Why The Fast Track Settlement With The IRS Is Not Good

During the later stages of a tax audit by the IRS, you have the opportunity to do a ‘Fast Track’ appeal to resolve your dispute within 60 days and to avoid the lengthy full appeals process. This might not always be advantageous and still requires representation for you to achieve any results of benefit to […]

How The Coronavirus Will Affect Taxes

The coronavirus pandemic is killing thousands and putting thousands more into dire financial trouble. The economy goes into meltdown. There is hope for low and middle-income earners, and everyone is able to pay their taxes at a later date.  Federal tax deadline delay For the tax year 19-20, you won’t now be penalized for filing […]

Don’t Make Your Tax Debt Problem Worse!

Many of the commercials you see on TV about getting out of debt with the IRS and state tax authorities are misleading. You call them up believing that since they have a big advertising budget they know their business. The fact is most of the companies you see on TV don’t ever put your case […]

How Long Does It Take To Get An IRS Refund?

Everyone loves a tax refund! ‘Free money’ from the taxman that you can use as you like is always a nice thing to see. The IRS refund can take a little time to process but as always the sooner you file your tax return the sooner it will happen. Checking When Your IRS Refund Is […]

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