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There are a lot of companies and people out there who promise to reduce your tax debt to pennies in the dollar and who will end up taking your money having not met their promises. How then do you choose a tax relief company that will do as they say they will? This article will show you how, and why you should come to us at Defense Tax to help you resolve your tax problems. 

  1. Making big promises? Red flag!

    The first thing you should understand is that in most cases, the IRS will not give you an offer in compromise unless you are in genuinely difficult circumstances with little or no hope of resolving your tax debt. You may have had an accident or serious illness that permanently impairs your ability to return to work. You may be in a one-factory town where the factory has closed, and you cannot be reasonably expected to move out to another town.

    Don’t expect an offer in compromise if you have spent the money that should have gone to the IRS on a holiday to the Maldives and you will be able to earn enough to pay the debt back from your normal earnings!

  2. Upfront fees

    Many of the shadier tax debt relief companies will ask you for an upfront fee that often is similar to the amount of money in your bank account.

    A reputable firm should offer a fixed payment plan for the tasks that they will undertake for you. In the next section, we will discuss what a reputable tax debt company will do for you. This is generally following the due process of the IRS and may even involve court action but is largely to enable you to stop any punitive measures enacted against you and to agree on a settlement that will suit you and the IRS.

  3. A three-step process

    After your free consultation with the tax debt relief company you should enter into a three-step process with fees charged for each phase:

    – An investigation is where the company and you will get a clear picture of your financial position and the exact position you are in regarding your tax debt.

    – The Compliance phase is where you will file any late tax returns and get into a position where the IRS will come to the table to negotiate with you.

    – Resolution is where the tax debt relief company will act on your behalf to negotiate a final settlement with the IRS. This could involve court action but is generally in the form of letters and perhaps a meeting with an IRS official with you present.
  4. Customer reviews

    Companies like Defense Tax can’t hide from our customers’ reviews! If we were criminals who used a veneer of respectability to steal your money, then we would be flayed alive in online customer reviews.

    In our case, 93% of our TrustPilot reviews rate us as ‘Excellent’. In September 2019 Gust Gus wrote, “My accountant had made a rather huge mistake on my personal tax returns. I wanted help. I called Defense tax to help. They got me into an affordable payment plan, and they got the penalties erased. Very glad to have found them.”
  5. Other credentials

    During your free consultation with us, you should be asking questions of us to make sure that you are confident about our competence. What accreditations do the attorneys and other professionals hold? How many years of experience do the professionals handling your affairs hold? What industry affiliations does the company have?

  6. The hard sell.

    If you feel uncomfortable having had the consultation you can just walk away from the deal. Though we will often want to take your case on (we choose customers too!) we at Defense Tax will not put you into a hard-selling situation.

    If you were interviewing another company to consider their take on your tax debt case and you feel as if you are under pressure from them to take you on, then that should be a red flag and you should walk away.

    Contact Defense Tax today!

    As a company, we at Defense Tax have excelled for many years based on good outcomes for our customers. We never make big promises that we cannot keep and pride ourselves on our reputation for honesty and getting the job done. Contact us today to discuss your tax debts and how to resolve them through us!
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