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What Are Tax Relief Services And Are They Worth It?

Tax relief services can help ease the burden of taxes for individuals and businesses alike. From helping to negotiate settlements with the IRS to providing debt relief, these services can provide much-needed relief to taxpayers. But are these services worth the cost? This blog will explore the various services available and discuss whether they are […]

Property forfeiture

Pay your property taxes or lose your home! Here in the United States, 13 states have the power to sell your property to pay unpaid property taxes. In one recent case (later overturned) a $28,000 home was sold to pay a state tax debt of just $8! As we frequently show in our blog here […]

How To Find A Good Tax Resolution Firm

With the IRS chasing you, you can run but you cannot hide! With its powers to have you jailed or to have your passport seized the only way to handle the IRS is to face it. That is why if you have problems with taxes you should choose a good tax resolution firm. With some […]

Top 5 Reasons To Get An Offer In Compromise

Here at Defense Tax, we can help you negotiate a settlement with the IRS to pay significantly less than the amount they say you owe them. The ‘offer in compromise’ or OIC is a scheme where if you have no means of paying your tax bill within 10 years of it being levied the IRS […]

How To Choose A Tax Relief Company

There are a lot of companies and people out there who promise to reduce your tax debt to pennies in the dollar and who will end up taking your money having not met their promises. How then do you choose a tax relief company that will do as they say they will? This article will […]

How To Resolve Back Tax Debt Issues

With the IRS and state tax authorities you can run but you can’t hide. In this article, we at Defense Tax will show you how to tackle your back tax debt issues without getting in trouble. The IRS won’t forget you if you simply fail to declare your taxes. Though hundreds of thousands of people […]

How Unemployment Will Affect Your Tax Return For 2020

Thanks to coronavirus causing the economy to hit the wall, there are a lot of you who will have become unemployed who may never have in their lives to date. This article looks at what you might be able to receive and how it all will affect your tax return.  Economic Impact Payment (EIP) All […]

Could the IRS Fresh Start Program Help You?

The Fresh Start program is a system where the Offer In Compromise (OIC) was reformed to make it easier for those in tax debt to write off much of their debts and get a fresh start. In 2011 the federal government came to the understanding that thousands of people with tax debt to the IRS […]

Do The IRS Tax Relief Companies Really Work?

A huge number of people search for different tax relief companies because of their beneficial approaches. Yes, it does work effectively. If you are really having issues with your tax and facing difficulties with the IRS, contact with a tax relief company right away to get solutions. This type of company helps people with tax […]

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