With the IRS chasing you, you can run but you cannot hide! With its powers to have you jailed or to have your passport seized the only way to handle the IRS is to face it. That is why if you have problems with taxes you should choose a good tax resolution firm. With some putting out TV ads and others charging obscene amounts of cash, it can be a minefield finding the right one for you.

How do you find a good tax resolution firm? Let’s not have a look through five pointers to help you make your decision.

Go local?

Why not choose a tax resolution firm from your home city or state? If you are Los Angeles based, then a company like Defense Tax might be the best move as we know the CA state tax code as well as the IRS one. Having local expertise can ensure that you get the best results.

You don’t need to go to a major national tax resolution firm that has advertised on TV to be assured of good service. TV stations do not have to check that the company is of good standing to take their advertising money – just that they are legal!

Check online reviews

What do the company’s previous clients think of the company you are thinking of going to? Check out Trustpilot to see if they have scammed or otherwise failed their clients. If they have a rating of over 90% Excellent feedback from many reviews, then the tax resolution firm is trading on its good reputation and not taking people’s money and running.

A good portfolio of online reviews is often the best way of checking the quality of the company as if it does scam people then the internet will soon expose it.

Find out about the professionals working there

A good tax resolution firm will have high-quality professionals – both CPAs and tax attorneys – working for the company. How many do they have and how long have those professionals been qualified for? A company of greenhorns isn’t going to have the same ability as one of the seasoned veterans.

These indicators above will let you have an idea of whether the company is just in it for the money own whether it is genuinely good at getting people’s tax issues resolved.

Promises of huge cuts in your tax bill? Red flag

The IRS Offer In Compromise is one outcome that all good tax resolution firms can bring about in the right circumstances. If you can prove that there is no way at all of paying your tax bill without extreme financial hardship, then the IRS will on rare occasions agree to an offer in compromise.

This is not an avenue you can go down every day. It takes a lot of work and you need to be in genuinely dire financial problems. Those tax resolution firms that make it apparent that nearly everyone who comes to them will get an offer in compromise are blatantly mis-selling their services. This should be a red flag and you should walk away.

High pressure sales? Another red flag!

During your initial contact with the tax resolution firm, there will inevitably be a sales pitch made by the company’s representative. Those that attract tend to be better than those who try to force your hand. Have you ever been chased romantically by someone desperate for your affections? In some cases that can be a bit of a turnoff cannot it? “What’s wrong with them?” you will ask yourself! The same thoughts should enter your mind should a tax resolution firm use pressure sales to win your business!

Come to Defense Tax today!

With our excellent customer reviews and great track record in settling people’s problems with the IRS, Defense Tax is a Los Angeles based tax resolution firm that can help you resolve your tax issues professionally and quickly. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

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