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In a world where the IRS and State Tax Board demonstrates as contentious, non-negotiable institutions, Defense Tax Partners steps up to defend clients forcefully, taking hold of negotiations and fighting hard for extensive state, federal, personal, property, small business, and corporate tax relief Help. We’ve not only saved our many clients over 200 million dollars in tax debt relief, but further prioritize maintaining client/business relations that are caring, authentic, and measure beyond the dollars we save you.

The IRS and State Tax Board are equally unsettling to navigate, and a proper IRS tax attorney can be the shield between protecting individuals, families, and businesses from the heavy weight of tax debt. We work hard to uncover every possible solution to save money and begin the process of bringing clients out of tax debt, wage garnishments, bank levies, and property seizures. Our no less than 100% satisfaction rate is reflected in our determination to truly protect our clients and eliminate tax their debt.

Recent clients have saved an average of over 90% on their tax bills. In recent months, with combined client tax debts topping 1.13 million, Defense Tax saved our patrons 93% on their dues – our tax attorneys whittled down total payments to the only 106k. Our overwhelming number of success stories, which involve most clients having to pay meager percentages on the amount they owe, joined with our genuine mission to care for people as individuals make Defense Tax Partners the go-to team for tax solution options with a highly personalized touch. A few of our recent successes [link to: success stories page] include:

  1. 3k OIC on 35K owed
  2. 3k OIC on over 250k owed
  3. $300 OIC on over 35k owed
  4. Halted 4k per month government garnishes

The tax industry spans far and wide, and some agencies don’t hold the client’s best interests as a top priority. Defense Tax Partners is aiming to reinvent that wheel, intending to be the standard for high-quality, meaningful work and relationships with tax attorneys that dedicate themselves to better solutions and low tax debt settlements. Clients can see from many reviews that we are real people with real consideration for people and their businesses.

Defense Tax Partners

All of us at Defense Tax Partners have seen and felt how tax burdens can break down individuals, families, and businesses. The suffering incurred by tax debts prevent people from living lives without burden, and we are here to mitigate that, cleanse clients of their tax worries, and get them back to living free of tax debt. We are thrilled to have been able to provide many customers with fragments of their original tax payment and are equally pleased when we hear back from our happy clients long after they’ve been living tax-free.

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