The stress of facing the IRS

Owing money to the IRS can be a lonely, unforgiving place to be in. With almost limitless resources, the Federal Government is an unrelenting opponent and facing them on your own makes David versus Goliath look like a fair fight. It’s no wonder that the magnitude of owing money to the IRS can stretch even the most resilient of us into an unbearable world of spiraling stress

Owing money is a stressful enough predicament to find yourself in; when it’s the IRS you owe, everything becomes far more magnified. The IRS’s reach and power comes with a range of penalties and conditions that, without the proper advice and guidance, can leave you devastated both emotionally and financially. It’s these draconian measures that really pile on the pressure and turn your debt into a burden that is inescapable

Dealing with this level of stress is completely unsustainable; aside from the impact on your health, stress clouds our judgment and always leads to poor decisions – when you’re already at the edge, one bad decision can be catastrophic.

IRS tactics

IRS tacticsAs we said previously, the IRS has far-reaching powers. When you owe them money they are not going to work on a resolution that suits you, in fact, quite the opposite.
Wage garnishments are a favorite collection tactic of the IRS, often leaving people barely able to support themselves – taking the 2017 IRS figures, a single parent with two children who file as head of a household can have their wages cut back to $413.46 per week. So if you earn $1,000 per week, the IRS takes $586.54 of it, and if you earn $2,000 per week, it can take $1,586.54 – until your debt is cleared.
As well as seizing property and assets another tool in the IRS arsenal just became far more serious for American taxpayers. Last year saw the approval of private debt collection agencies, many of which have been accused of overly aggressive tactics and forcing people into repayment plans they simply can’t afford. These private companies not only charge the IRS for their service but also get to keep 25% of what they recover, hugely incentivizing them to push for the highest repayment plans.

You don’t need to do this alone!

You don’t need to do this alone!It doesn’t have to be this way. Firstly, you don’t ever need to face the IRS alone. Secondly, you also don’t need to resign yourself to defeat! At Defense Tax Partners we’ve served over 5,000 clients over the past 5 years, saving them over $200 million dollars. We’re incredibly proud of the life-changing help that we’ve delivered for each and every client. We’ve seen people at their lowest ebb, utterly suffocated by stress and we’ve completely transformed their lives by fighting their corner and getting them exceptional results. Time and time again our clients tell us of the absolute relief they felt when they hired us and realized that finally, someone was on their side – even more so when they realized that we were more than capable of going up against the IRS.

The Defense Tax Partners way

We believe that our success comes from our client first approach. We take the time to fully understand your situation so that we can get the very best outcome for you. Every case matters to us and we bring all of our experience and knowledge to your corner.

At Defense Tax Partners our clients and their experience speak volumes on our approach and successes. Here are some cases we fought and won through the words of our clients –

  • I was trying to deal with an IRS wage garnishment on my account without any help. The government was taking over $4,000 of my money per month, crippling my ability to support myself. I could no longer deal with my debt on my own, so I made the decision to get help. I faxed my IRS account transcripts to Defense Tax and they found the solution that worked best for my situation, getting me out of debt quickly and efficiently. My account resulted in credits, which were transferred to my daughter for a total of $15,998, resolving the outstanding balance that I owed to the state. Thanks to the IRS tax attorney and tax lawyers at Defense Tax I am back in control of my bank account and my life.
  • With the help of Defense Tax Partners, I was able to overcome my $35,000 debt to the IRS and settle for just $300. Without the tax debt relief expertise of Defense Tax’s tax attorney, I’d still be weighed down with tax debt & still having sleepless nights.
  • I was over my head with my monthly rent, bills and credit card payments. I couldn’t even begin to recover from the tax debt I had acquired over the years. Defense Tax Partners assessed my situation and submitted sufficient evidence to the IRS that I would not be able to pay off my tax debt. The government declared me Currently Not Collectable and ceased all collection activities, including levies and garnishments. I am now free to focus on supporting myself without tax debt looming overhead.

There are a lot more stories over on our website just like these from people whose lives we have put back together. With the right advice and strong advocates, the burden of tax debt doesn’t need to overwhelm your life. There is a different way – the Defense Tax Partners way.

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