Eliminate Back Taxes Quickly

At Defense Tax Group, we have a dedicated team of IRS Tax Attorney , professionals waiting to help you get rid of the debt or back taxes you owe the IRS. Owing the IRS back taxes can be very stressful and cause a lot of trouble. The IRS can place a tax levy, tax lien or wage garnishment on you which affects your ability to live peacefully. Stop hesitating and contact our trusted tax attorney professionals for a free consultation about how to get help with your back taxes. 

Call (800) 913-9292 for free advice on back taxes

Defense Tax Group can:

  • Settle Your Tax Debt for a Fraction Owed
  • Remove Interest Charges and Penalties
  • Prevent or Stop Wage Garnishments

Three Easy Steps to IRS Tax Relief

Working with the experts at Defense Tax is fast and easy:

  1. Request a free consultation
  2. One of our consultants will promptly contact you
  3. Our IRS Tax Attorney will tailor tax debt solutions that works best for your individual situation

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